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  • Relationship Advice: Ignorance is Bliss?

    One of greatest “solutions” couples often practice in their relationship is ignoring what’s wrong.  The hope or illusion is that the problem(s) will magically “fly away.”  In reality, if a solution is not found, you will usually argue more or pretend everything is okay.  Both alternatives will keep you stuck.  The result is more distance…

  • 3 Ways to Cure Nagging in Your Relationship

    Have you been called a nagger?  If you are constantly complaining, annoying or tormenting your partner you may be a fit into this category.  The reality is that you are not completely at fault!   Believe it or not, your relationship is partly (or fully) to blame for your tiring behavior.   The most frustrating part is…

  • 50 Shades of Grey: Relationship Out of Control?

    The film adaptation of 50 Shades of Gray, the E.L. James kinky best seller and global cultural phenomenon (over 100 million copies sold) has made its way to the world’s movie screens. The steamy tale details a masochistic relationship between Anastasia Steele, a beautiful, curious college student and Christian Grey, a billionaire businessman, who desires…


Love Stories

Isn’t it great to fall in love? What are you doing today to keeping passion and love alive in your relationship? Let’s take a walk down memory lane with couples from all around the world as they share their stories of love.

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  • Since only a limited amount of love stories will be chosen each week because of the high volume of requests, do your best to make it fun and interesting to the reader.

Love Story Blogs

John & Laurie’s Love Story

John and I first met at a business networking meeting, but I was in another relationship at the time. Two years later, we saw each other again at Landmark Education and we were both in Leadership Programs that revolved around being transformation. One of the people in the class created a singles book club where…

  • Veronica and Victor’s love story

    At that time my sister was living in Naples, she came to USA to take some English classes. I was living in Colombia and I receive the news that she was going to be married. So, I traveled to Miami to assist to her wedding. When I arrived at the airport I was surprised when I saw Veronica along…



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