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Have you been thinking…

“My relationship just seems to be stuck and I don’t know what to do to fix it.”

“I’m so tired of not having the relationship I want.”

“I am so ready to change it to something better!”

It happens all the time. You fall in love and are happy, very happy, for a while. And then things start to change. You’re not sure what happened but something is just “off” and neither of you are feeling what you felt before.

Have you found yourself recently saying…

We used to have so much fun together. Now it feels like we just don’t want to do the same kinds of things.

I can’t remember the last time we had real intimacy.

I’m scared he/she is losing interest.

We don’t really talk that much anymore and I miss that.

I just feel like our relationship is so stuck. What happened to that feeling of excitement?


Everyone has heard that relationships take work. Does that mean it has to be hard, grueling, unpleasant, “take a deep breath and just deal with it,” kind of work? NO. To have the relationship you want to have you have to work on your relationship, but the work can actually be pleasant when you know what to work on and more importantly, how to go about it.

Unfortunately most people have never learned how to do this. That’s why they keep making the same mistakes over and over, and the relationship stays stuck and both people stay unhappy.

There is a better way.

I know from decades of helping couples go from stuck and sad to happy and excited again, that by changing just a few key things, you really can have the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed about!

That’s why I’m inviting you to attend my brand new, complimentary webinar:


3 Most Common Relationship Mistakes:

How to Overcome Them and Create the Relationship You Want


Free Webinar is Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 9 pm/ET


**If you are unable to attend the webinar a replay

will be emailed to you.**




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Relationship Mistakes Webinar


Who am I and why should you attend this complimentary webinar?

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff Kane, the Founder of Relationships Unscripted and Family Therapy Center in south Florida and the Author of 12 Best Kept Secrets To A Fulfilling Relationship.

My wife of over 19 years and I started Relationships Unscripted on Facebook to share our passion for relationships. All relationships have ups and downs and the community discusses some of the challenges relationships experience. The page has over 14,000 fans since it started in March 2013.

Growing up in a close family with parents committed to making their marriage work, I learned at a young age that healthy and supportive relationships are an integral part of a person’s well-being. It was normal for my family to spend time together, work through challenges together and support each other with love and compassion.

I’ve had my share of adversity growing up which created deep pain and altered the direction of my life. In my teens, I experienced a trauma that had a profound effect on my family and life. The emotional pain changed the way I lived and eventually became a source of incredible strength. I realized at a young age I needed to step up and support my family. I invested additional time in my education and excelled in ways I never could have imagined. The crossroads of life required that I chose either a path of depression and deterioration or hope and opportunity. I chose the latter and I believe the core of my existence, and how I was meant to serve others, was discovered through this experience.

My challenges led me into the field of psychology where I began to notice that unresolved issues in relationships could eventually lead to much bigger problems, affecting both the individuals and the relationship as a whole.

That’s why today, I’m so passionate about helping people create shifts in their relationships so they can experience greater happiness, stronger families and healthier societies.


What if there’s were an easy way to create the kind of relationship you really want?


It really can be done. And in this webinar, I’ll show you how.

During this no charge, 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

How showing up as a victim is derailing your relationship and why showing up in strength will get you the support you crave.

How to discover and maximize this one core trait to create the kind of bonding that will make you both feel emotionally secure.

The secret to “solving” any problem and how to do it in a way that allows your partner to understand, appreciate and respect you during the process.

Why the concept of “team” is never more important than between two people and how applying this will profoundly change your relationship for the better.

The difference between what a man needs vs. what a woman needs to feel loved and respected and what to do every time to make sure your partner’s needs are met.

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Relationship Mistakes Webinar - Form 1

Everyone secretly dreams they will have this fairy tale relationship and although things might not be perfect all day, every day, having a relationship that resembles more of a fairy tale than a nightmare isn’t as challenging as you might imagine.

You just have to know what’s required to make that happen.

If you’re ready to move from relationship mediocrity to relationship magnificence, then you simply must be on this very special webinar!


Join me on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 9 pm/ET where I’ll reveal the 3 biggest relationship mistakes
people make and how to stop them now.


Imagine if you experienced the kind of love, support and fun you want and need with your partner. How would having that kind of relationship impact the rest of your life?

Don’t wait another minute, simply click here to register and get your relationship not just back on track but better than ever!


Free Webinar is Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 9 pm/ET

**If you are unable to attend the webinar a replay will be emailed to you.


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Relationship Mistakes Webinar - Form 2


My wife and I were fortunate to have worked with Dr. Kane for the past 9 months. At first I was hesitant to go to marriage counseling and was “dragged in” by my wife. I always felt that I had the answers and therapy would be a waste of time. I was so wrong. Dr. Kane is a gentle, caring and compassionate person that helped us change behaviors that were in place for over 15 years. He provided practical, “real life” solutions that worked and allowed our relationship to grow in new ways. I could not be more grateful to have found Dr. Kane. I truly believe that he saved our marriage. My wife and I have a relationship right now that we could only have dreamed of having prior to seeing Dr. Kane!”

Tom & Sara (Wellington, Florida),

Working with Dr. Kane has strengthened our marriage more than we thought possible. With his help, we’ve learned better communication skills, better listening skills and a deeper respect for each others needs and individuality. Whenever we hit a bump in the road, we look at each other, and with a sense of humor ask, Is it time to call Dr. Kane? Because we know that Dr. Kane will help us get back on track. Every marriage needs a Dr. Kane

Jan and Paul (Pembroke Pines, Florida),

We were referred to Dr. Kane by a trusted colleague and friend of mine 2 years ago. We had planned to meet with him weekly at his office until I was unexpectedly transferred to California. We were unsure if telephone and Skype consultations would have the impact I was desiring because the experience was new to me. After our first meeting, we was hooked! The connection was seemless and we were able to meet with him right from the comfort of my office and home. Dr. Kane is a true professional in every sense of the word. He helped us alleviate problems that had been in my life for over a decade. We addressed and resolved individual & relationship issues during our 45 minute sessions. To this day, my wife and I continue to meet with him for “check-ups” on a monthly basis. Several of my friends and colleagues use his service as well. Dr. Kane is the best!

Johnathan & Sherrie (San Francisco, CA),

We have seen several counselors over the 20 years of our marriage with little success. After being referred by a close friend, my husband and I were immediately impressed with his patience, kindness and understanding. Most of the change we received in the past were short-lived. With Dr. Kane’s gentle guidance, he helped us uncover and resolve underlying emotions and behaviors that were suffocating our relationship for years. Each week he gave us homework and practical guidance that changed our relationship. We are forever grateful to Dr. Kane and are thankful to work with him. He is a true processional in every sense of the word.

Laura and Mark (Palm Beach, Florida),

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Kane over the past few months. Since we live in the UK, the only way we could meet with Dr. Kane was through Skype. Our nightly meetings were a breath of fresh air for our relationship. Dr. Kane offered practical and real life solutions that improved our relationship. We both loved Dr.Kane’s humor and warm disposition. After the first consultation, we knew that we had found the right person to help us get to a better place. Dr. Kane is a true relationship expert and saved our marriage. We plan on keeping in touch with him as we continue to enjoy our happy, healthy relationship. We appreciate Dr. Kane. He is the best!

Charles & Laura (United Kingdom),

We were referred to Dr. Kane from a good friend. For years we had been in and out of therapy. Unfortunately, the changes that occurred in therapy never lasted. After feeling quite disillusioned about therapy and our marriage, we decided to meet with Dr. Kane. He was a breath of fresh air. He is so humble and easy to talk with. Both my husband and I felt that he was neutral and listened objectively to both of our perspectives. Dr. Kane offered unique and creative ways to introduce change into our relationship that had been stuck in the same place for so many years. We even had a few laughs in therapy thanks to Dr. Kane’s great sense of humor. To this day, I refer my friends, family & associates to Dr. Kane. He is an expert in working with couples and a true professional. We have been blessed to have him in our life and know he’s always there if we need him. Thanks Doc!

Rachael & Martin (Parkland, Florida),

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