About Dr. Jeff Kane

dr jeff kane and his wife sherry kaneThank you for stopping by my Dr. Jeff Kane About page. It’s great to meet you!

By showing up and taking a peak into the fun and challenging world of relationships, you will find that you may create the relationship you have always dreamed of having and never thought you could!

As a Doctor in Marriage and Family Therapy, over the past 20 years I’ve had he pleasure of helping couples re-ignite their “spark,” feel more love and have great sex in their relationships. I’ve worked with couples all around the world to help them create better relationships in my coaching program.

Dr. Jeff Kane’s Journey & the Creation of Relationships Unscripted

So, how did Relationships Unscripted become a reality?

It all started in late 2012 when my beautiful wife, Sherry, of 19 years finally talked me into joining social media. How did she pull it off? A hurricane was on its way to Florida and we were sitting in our family room. She said, “Wouldn’t today be a great day for you to join Facebook?” She had been planting the seeds for years but I ignored her.

I think the change in pressure threw me off a little and the next thing I knew, I was on Facebook! I’m sure you ladies know what I mean when I say that women know how to find that “soft spot” that will motivate a man into doing something he wouldn’t normally do. In this case, Facebook was the soft spot and my joining the world of social media was a very good thing!

I always encourage couples I work with to leave their comfort zone so it was time for me to do the same! I ventured out of my office “cave” and entered the world of social media. I did not leave easily and it was quite painful. I probably would never have left if it hadn’t been for Sherry.

After months of floating around on the internet and meeting strangers who became my “friends” on Facebook, Sherry and I decided that we wanted to create a community and place to talk about a topic that we were passionate about – relationships. So, the Relationships Unscripted community was born and our lives have been forever changed. The internet has been the vehicle for me to reach out and help couples in ways I could never have imagined.

Relationships Unscripted is a place to have a conversation, learn, play and grow for couples interested in keeping that “spark” alive in their relationship. I believe that real, practical, insightful and fun content is a great way to open the door to change. You will see online products, online programs and relationship coaching services. Of course, how would a relationship site be complete without some talk about love and sex!

So, welcome to the Relationships Unscripted community. I am so happy you have found us.

I know all relationships have their challenges. Sherry and I always remind one another that our marriage is “perfectly imperfect.” We have experienced ups and downs and like all relationships, challenges along the way. Acceptance, respect and compassion have kept us strong during our two decades of marriage.

I have some exciting plans moving forward for this community. If you are here to see real, long-term change in your relationship, you are in the right place! I believe that results matter! What’s better than re-capturing and re-igniting that spark again?

Oh, I almost forgot….the great sex. Let’s not forget about that!

So, welcome to a place where change can happen if you are ready and willing to do what needs to be done to get the results you’ve always wanted. It’s up to you to take the first step and invite change into your relationship! Are you ready? Let’s go!