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Hot Relationship – Are You Keeping Your Relationship Hot And On Fire?

Ever had a hot relationship? Or do you remember the time early in your relationship when your love was on “fire?” You were not looking for any love advice.   You just felt that heat from your head to your toes.  When you were around your loved one you just felt different.   Your heart beat a little faster and you just felt so good.   The actual presence of your love bonded you in a deep and stimulating way.   You felt like you would ride that feeling forever.

Need To Take A Relationship Detour To Have A Hot Relationship Again?

After some time passed and seemingly out of nowhere, something changed.    That hot relationship or “hot” connection suddenly was no longer there.    You may look back and say, “What happened?”

Bet you were doing some things back then that you stopped doing after a while.  Not showing your love anymore with simple gestures. You know what I am talking about, right?

The little kisses, the big smiles, the touches “here and there” that told your loved one they turned you on.   So, why did you stop?   Maybe you became comfortable or possibly you just lost that excitement.   Did you really think you could just put your relationship in “cruise control” and everything would be okay?

Where is the passion in your originally “hot relationship”?

The reality is that your relationship will stop being “hot” unless you keep the passion and fire burning.   Yes!

  • How do you look at your loved one?
  • There are looks that say “yummy” and ones that say “hmmm … I’ve seen that before.”
  • You know exactly what I am talking about.
  • Your eyes speak loudly and set the tone for what happens next.
  • The fire will only burn if you add some fuel and create a hot relationship, being absolutely on fire, again!

How do you touch your loved one?

Soft caressing feels real good and plants the seeds for more fun around the corner.

  • You can touch with your hands or with your lips.
  • A little kiss on the neck or shoulder feels great and can set the tone for a nice evening.
  • The small things DO add up and will make a big difference to finally have the hot relationship you had as you just met again.

When you are “starving” for intimacy and thinking about how you can spice up your love life you may want the big portion right away but the small portions will help you digest and enjoy each little piece of the experience.

Often, the first reaction to not the best choice.   Simmer a while and allow the intensity build over time.  In the end, the journey will be well worth it and you will build a strong, deeper connection and experience.  Isn’t that the goal after all to create a hot relationship that fulfills you and your partner again?

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By Dr. Jeff Kane
By Dr. Jeff Kane

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