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How To Spice Your Love Life And Relationship

Do know how to spice your love life and to keep your relationship hot? Have you ever tried to eat food with no seasoning?  Yuck!   So, why would you expect that your relationship can be bland and dry?   Have you ever had some nice spicy chicken wings?  After you were done you felt the air passages in your nose just open up.  You could breathe so much better!   If it was spicy enough you probably started dancing or even screaming.  The best love advice in the world will not change your relationship unless you are willing to “spice” things up every once in a while.   Let’s explore some ways to create a little “heat” in your relationship so you can find out how to spice your love life with the best seasoning ever!

How to spice your love life …

A little seasoning please….A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Are you engaging in activities in your relationship to turn each other “on?”  Do you even know what you need to do to turn flip that “switch?”  If you don’t, find out today!  How can you keep your things hot if you don’t know how to light the fire?   Don’t try to guess, just ask.   Once you know, your job will be much easier and you will know how to spice your love life at the drop of a hat!

Turn the heat up PLEASE.

Have you ever tried to cook a turkey at 150 degrees?  Good luck!   Patience is good but it’s even better to know how to increase the intensity of your passion and fire in your relationship.  What do you say and do to take your intimacy to the “next level?”   Understand that “turning up the heat” may look a little different to you than your partner.  Respecting these differences is the key to understand how to spice your love life and to creating a “fire” that will capture both of your interests.

Try out DIFFERENT spices!

Who said you both have to engage in intimacy the same way every time?  Where is this rule or is should it be a rule at all?  We are all creatures of habit.   Most people take about the same route to work each week and eat the same food.   Blah, blah, blah!  Very boring.   Mix it up every once in a while.   I encourage couples in my relationship couples program to find new ways of keeping your relationship fun and hot.  Introduce some spontaneity into your relationship.  It will be totally worth it and you BOTH will be smiling from ear to ear in the end!

The next step is yours …. The seasoning is waiting!  Ready to take a pinch?

Questions about how to spice your love life? Just post your comment below! I am happy to guide you!

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By Dr. Jeff Kane
By Dr. Jeff Kane

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