Relationship Advice for Men: Touch Matters!

There are countless books and articles that provide relationship advice for men.   Since men are from Mars (actually, it’s Pluto which is no longer a planet) there are countless “challenges” to draw a bridge and connect to the lovely ladies in our lives. At the end of the day, does “connecting” have to be so difficult? Often, the best relationship advice for men fails to point out behaviors that are simple to engage in on a daily basis. Men, let’s explore an easy and effective solution that can have a major impact in your relationship. Ladies, although this advice is for men, it also applies to women as well!

Relationship Advice for Men: A little “touch” now and then.

Men, how often to you “touch” your loved one? Not sexually, just softly! Often, touch is often something that is reserved only for the bedroom. This is simply false!   If you want to keep that “spark” alive in your relationship find a way to reach out and touch on a daily basis.   If you are shy this is a great way to get over it.

So, why is touch so important? For one, it feels good and lets you know that your partner know you are thinking about them.   Just to be clear, we are not talking about a “slimy” touch that makes your partner feel like a sexual object. A little class and softness counts!   It should feel natural and fit the situation.

Relationship Advice for Men: It’s okay to keep it clean.

A quick heads up for those of you are having all kinds of racing thoughts right now – keeping it clean will show class and plant seeds for what may come next! It could be as simple as a nice warm hug, caressing their face, or a kiss on lips, neck or ear.   Looking into your loved ones eyes will make a big difference.

Relationship Advice for Men: Are you planting “seeds?”

The “little” things you do to create opportunities for touch during the day can set the tone for what happens at night.   It’s not about “saving it all up” for the big “gusto” at night.   Take it slow and when the time is right everything will come together like it should. A little touch now will lead to a deeper connection tomorrow and a whole lot more down the road!

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