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There is a reason why there are countless articles written that give relationship advice for women. The reality is the very nature of women’s makeup is linked to relationships.   Women define themselves based on the relationships they are in. In every way, women are emotionally connected to the experiences they have with their loved ones.

When I coach couples I am often asked by men why women have such great memories. The reality is that their emotions are directly related to their experiences. When feelings are attached to events or stories one’s memory is amazing. I once had a woman tell me that the reason her memory was so “good” was because her husband’s memory was so bad. She noted that she had to remember all of the things that her husband forgot! Funny but often true.

So, let’s explore the some practical Relationship Advice for Women that should be a part of every growing healthy loving relationship.

Relationship Advice for Women – Tip #1: Put yourself first

Are you making time for you? Nurturing yourself is a key ingredient to being happy.   What are you doing to grow your life outside of your relationship? Discover your passion and what gets you excited. Social time is equally important to chat with your friends and support one another.

Relationship Advice for Women -Tip #2: It’s okay to have quickies

Of course, relationships are not just about sex but that doesn’t mean you can’t just let loose sometimes. Be adventurous. Men report that they think more about their wife and are more excited to go home when they know there might be a “quickie” around the corner!   Acting spontaneous will change the game!

Relationship Advice for Women – Tip #3: Respect privacy

Men and women need privacy. You should make time for both of you to have time alone without “hovering” over one another. This means do not play “detective” in your relationship. Give him space to check emails or return calls. Building trust requires giving each other space.   If you find yourself pulling up his cell phone statement there are larger problems that need to be addressed.

Relationship Advice for Women – Tip #4: Stay clear of toxic friends

Yes, those friends that are giving you negative input because their own lives are a wreck. Gossiping ladies are a recipe for disaster. If they talk about other women they will talk about you. Don’t fool yourself and think that your “secret” is safe with. Your entire relationship will be on display and the results will not be pretty.

Relationship Advice for Women – Tip #5: Unplug and Recharge from work

When you leave the office began to transition into your life outside of work.   Its okay to share about your day with your loved one but don’t spend the entire night with this activity. It will drain you and your relationship! Find activities that allow you to relax.   Working out at the gym is a great stress reducer. A funny movie also can do the trick. A nice evening of romance could top off the day perfectly!

Relationship Advice for Women – Tip #6: Outsource housework

If possible, try to find a person to help you out around the house.   Spending all week cleaning is a real energy drainer. The money you spend hiring someone is usually well worth the investment. How much do you value your time? The time you spend cleaning the home takes away from your relationship. Not to mention that when you are cleaning for hours you are not in the mood for much after. It’s your choice, sweat pushing the mop or sweat in bed with your loved one. Which one sounds better?

Relationship Advice for Women – Tip #7: Money Matters

How often do you talk about finances with your loved one?   The greatest problems in relationships are often not the lack of money but rather how it is spend. If you don’t agree on how money should be spent your relationship will suffer badly.   Knowing why and where your money is going is a key ingredient to a happy relationship. Make sure you are on the same page so you can make room for more fun and exciting moments.   Once money matters are resolved everything else will come into focus.

By practicing these 7 tips your love will grow and many of the knots that get in the way of your happiness will be solved.   If you would like to learn more about how to ignite (or reignite) the love and passion in your relationship check out our FREE monthly webinars at You can sign up our next FREE webinar on the link below:

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By Dr. Jeff Kane
By Dr. Jeff Kane

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